Come to our events!

A fun way to support us, come party with us!

Whether it’s wine, whiskey or even coffee—wouldn’t it be cool if you could taste and learn about different beverages, all while helping a good cause?  Sips for Sights parties bring together a group of 10 - 30 people to have a reason to get together, have fun, and raise money to help end childhood blindness.

Did you know that 80% of the world’s blindness is treatable or preventable?

That’s 8 out of 10 blind people that shouldn’t have to be. Those of us who are lucky enough to have good healthcare likely don’t know this reality personally, but it’s actually not that far removed.

Our daughter was born blind. Her condition is called Congenital cataracts.  It was treatable.  She has had 2 eye surgeries and wears glasses. Because she’s had great care, she’s able to have sight. There are lots of other kids in the world that are born with the exact same condition and don’t have access to treatment. There are even lots of kids right in the US that aren’t able to get the treatment or glasses they need to prevent vision loss.  

What is Sips for Sight?

Hosting a Sips for Sight party will let us tell more people about how easy it is to help this cause.  It is obviously close to our family’s heart, but most of the solutions are so simple, people just don’t yet know how they can make a big difference in eliminating preventable childhood blindness.  

What does it look like to host a party?  

Violet Sees is working really hard to create partnerships with a variety of companies who make delicious beverages.  And we can tailor your party to reflect your and your guests’ interests.  

Sips for Sight parties can be any shape and size.  But if you’re looking for a place to start, 15-20 is a great number to shoot for.

We will provide the drinks and tasting information and ask that you provide the location, guest list and round out any other snacks, dessert or beverages you’d normally have on hand to have a good time!

Feel like having a party for a great cause?  Email and we’ll chat about what sounds fun for you and get something on the calendar!