World Sight Day


It's World Sight Day!

The second Thursday in October is globally recognized as a day to bring awareness to blindness and vision impairment.  The Lions Club International held the first event in 1988, and this year’s theme is “Eye care for all”.  

As I’ve learned to navigate the world of childhood vision, I think I’ve learned enough about eyes to clearly dominate should the Jeopardy category ever come up!  


Did you know….

  • The human eye can distinguish about 10M different colors and some women can actually see even millions more due to a genetic mutation.
  • Blue eyed people have higher alcohol tolerance.
  • The eye can differentiate more shades of green than any other color, which is why night vision goggles are green.
  • Human eyes can actually distinguish over 500, not just 50, shades of gray.
  • Eyes are made up of over 200M parts.
  • Men are more likely to be color blind.
  • The function of tears is to keep the eyes clean and scientists don’t know why we cry when we’re sad.
  • We see things upside down, and then the brain flips them right side up. If you wore glasses that turned things upside down, it would take a few days, but eventually your brain would begin to flip them right side up again.


If you’re looking for ways to celebrate this incredible day, check out what other organizations and companies are doing!

IAPB is hosting a photo competition, pro or amateur. Be sure to post any cool eye related photo to Instagram with #eyecareforall.

Personally, I’m a pretty big fan of TOMS eyewear, not only because their shades are amazing, but also because every purchase also supports eye care and exams for those in need.

141 Eyewear is a really cool northwest eyewear company. For each pair of their frames purchased, they’ll give another pair to someone in need.  And what’s really cool is that they give away their own frames and are committed to giving quality eyewear to those in need locally.

You can also support our very own Violet Sees!  This year’s theme of, “Eye care for all,” couldn’t resonate more with us.  We look forward to the day when lack of eye care and treatment is a thing of the past and it will be absurd that at one time 80% of the world’s blindness was preventable.